AI based video analysis

Figure out a new level of the real time video analysis. A surveillance camera video could be used for many use cases in varying fields of application.

Univerie Systems

Use your surveillance cameras to gather and analyze data in order to increase security and efficiency of your company

Intrusion detection

Detect intrusions in the controlled area. Respond faster.

Suspicious behaviour

Be notified about suspicious behavior via the mobile phone immediately.

Big data

Cameras can see more effectively and detailed than people. Get more data from the video.

Other analysis

Use a Univerie's outcome as your system's input. Be ready for Industry 4.0

Web application

The web application provides an essential interface which allows you to configure and audit all the data which flow to the system from your cameras. You can also manage permissions for your employees, because of that you can keep a high security level of your company.

Mobile application

Administrators are able to be close to the cameras thanks to the mobile application. In case of an event the app will automatically notify

Have a direct access to the cameras video stream from your phone and check risky areas.

Be informed everywhere as soon as possible and respond quickly to unexpected situations.


Our leaders

Meet people who stand behind the Univerie idea

Matej Majzel

Matej Majzel

Project Director

Milan Spišiak

Milan Spišiak

Head of Development

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